Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Malaban East Elementary needs your help!

A few days after KaEskwela decided to wrap up its relief operations for the year, we got another urgent plea for help from Binan, Laguna. This time, the request came from Malaban East Elementary School, a smaller school situated near our previous beneficiary, Malaban Elementary School.

Here is an excerpt from their letter to us (translated from Filipino):photos by Principal Rowena Ramos

============ ========= ========= =========
Due to floods brought about by the typhoon, the residents of Dulong Ilaya in Malaban had to leave their homes and temporarily take shelter at the Malaban East Elementary School.
This forced us to find a place where we can hold classes. By the grace of God, the Lakeview Baptist Church opened their doors to our students.
We started holding classes there on Oct. 12.
Even though the place is too crowded and hot, the children continue to attend school. They come, even though most of them have to go barefoot and have no schoolbags, pencils or paper. Most have few clothes left to wear, and are in dire need of hygiene items such as toothbrushes, face towels, soaps and other necessities.

Since their parents cannot provide them with school supplies, most of our students scavenge in garbage dumps for things they can sell, or carry heavy goods in the local market. They also use the small amount they earn to buy additional food every day. These working children frequently miss their classes.
Most of the parents of our students are tricycle drivers. Their livelihood is on hold as the streets are still flooded. Even small fishpens were destroyed by strong winds.
We are just starting to rebuild our lives. We hope to find people with kind hearts who can help address our students' needs.

============ ==
KaEskwela and Malaban East Elementary School need your help. Donations in cash or in kind will go a long way for these people who have lost almost everything they have.

If you wish to help, please email kaeskwelavolunteers or text 0917-5363224. We hope to be able to bring donations to these children by Dec. 6.
Please feel free to forward this to your friends, or repost in your blogs or FaceBook/ Multiply accounts.

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