Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Home (and everywhere else!)

I love to cook but there are days when cooking seems more like a chore than being a fun activity... That is why I was really pleased to have discovered Century's Gourmet Bangus! The Bangus comes in two flavors - Spanish Style and with Tausi. Who said that a yummy and healthy meal takes hours to prepare? My family and I loved the bangus so much that we made sure that we had enough stock just in case we have those lazy to cook moments again :)

The canned Bangus comes in an easy open can - which is perfect especially when you plan to eat it somewhere else aside from home where a can opener is not always accessible. Between the two flavors, my personal favorite is the Spanish Style. The Bangus and the spicy sauce is perfect for me! In fact, I like it so much that I have been taking a few cans with me as baon when I travel. haha! I really love that it's so convenient for you to enjoy it anywhere!Here is my cat next to my luggage. I think he knows that there are 10 cans of yummy Century Bangus inside :D You can enjoy it in the province as well as in the city :)and of course, at the beach!


  1. na try ko na sya and yes your so right na its yummy. :)

    Ganda ng photos parang pwede pang mag hehehe :)

  2. ang galing! i enjoyed reading your post! wishing the best for the both of us kate!! *crossing my fingers* galing! you brought it to bacolod pa! :) cool!!



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