Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meow is tired.

This has got to be the longest and most tiring week of the year for me. Aside from juggling 4 online jobs that have rush projects (but I am very thankful!), I am also busy helping the KaEskwela team prepare for our mission to Malaban Elementary school tomorrow. Actually, I don't think I will be sleeping tonight because meet up is at 6am and I still have a lot of work to finish. I'm not complaining though. I mean, physically I am very tired right now but I am too happy thinking about all the wonderful acts of kindness that we have been receiving to concentrate on that. I just hope that things go well tomorrow! *fingers crossed*


  1. haay Peach, i wish. right now i am so so tired. can't wait to go on a mini vacation just to recharge :P btw, can i add your blog to my links? i always google it :P

  2. Try to get some rest Miss Meow... Things will still turn out alright :)



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