Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Weekends in Tagaytay (part 1)

I accompanied my mom on a client call to Tagaytay a couple of months ago. We were there to deliver and install paintings. It's really amazing how artworks can change the look of your home :)

We headed to the T House right after for more installations and of course lunch! It was my first time to visit this lovely bed and breakfast and I was not disappointed. The place looks really nice and peaceful. Just perfect if you need to relax and recharge! Lunch was great too. We had the tuna citrus salad, clam & anchovy pasta and vegetable lasagna. Yum :)


  1. love the food, yum yum. We'll visit that too pag napa Tagaytay us :)

  2. We've always wanted to try T House but then other things keep coming up that we've canceled our reservaions for five times already.
    I sure they don't keep records. :)

  3. The food looks heavenly, i'm going to try this out if i end up in Tagaytay and maybe binge all day :)



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