Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time for pills

We went to the vet for Nuggie's check up.  The doctor said that Nugget lost 5 pounds from the last time we were there (November 2010).  I guess all that play time with Kumo is effective exercise for Nug :)  
 Nuggie at the vet
Anxious Nuggie waiting for the vet
Nuggie at the vet
I wonder what they have planned for me today.  I hope nothing painful :(
Oh, deworming pills! Yuck! (click to watch)


  1. Well aren't you so very good! I hope those pills get gone quickly!

  2. Aww so cute! And Nuggie's good at the vet ha! If that was Qish, he'll be all over the place. So sungit!

    By the way, did he get 3 pills? My cats just get one. Or is it because Nug's heavier?

  3. @Jonna - Nugget always gets 3 pills - maybe because of his weight nga :P But there was one time they gave him just 1 big pill. It was so hard for him to swallow that :(



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