Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank You!

I'd like to thank all the generous hearts who donated to our latest cat food drive for Beth's 30 cats
Here is a list of the cash donations we received:

1.) K.A. - P500 deposit through BDO
2.) F.B. - P500 deposit through BDO
3.) N & C - P1000 deposit through BDO
4.) K - $10 (converted to P450) Paypal transfer
5.) N.F. - P850 Paypal transfer
6.) L.V. - P1000 deposit through Unionbank
7.) R - P500 given to Grace

*names in initials - you guys know who you are :)  Super thanks!

All in all, we were able to collect a total of P4,800 in cash.  Aside from the cash, we received 4 bags of cat food, cleaning materials and groceries from catslair members Maggie, EJ, Grace and Kate. Yay!!!
This afternoon, Grace and I went to Farmer's Market in Cubao to buy cat food with the money we received.  We wanted to maximize the cash so we opted to buy the cheapest kind.  I'm sure this food will provide more nutrients than the corn chips/chippy that Beth often feeds to the kitties.
We got the Princess brand cat food originally at p95/kilo...
for a lower price since we bought 2 and a half sacks.  Each sack weighs 23 kilos and was given to us at p1900.  That's just p82/kilo!  Yay :)  We tried to haggle some more but to no avail.  boo!
2 sacks and 15 kilos for P5,030
I wonder how this guy was able to balance 61 kilos of cat food on his head!
We dropped of the stuff over at Beth and Micque's family in Project 2, Q.C.  We couldn't go to Bulacan today so it was good to know that there is a drop off point nearby :)  The family cat, Jacob was there to greet us.
Mr. Pinlac (Mique's Dad) proudly showing us their cat's new litter.  All so cute!  But I hope they have the mom spayed soon :)
Mr. Pinlac with the donations that Beth and Micque will pick up tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone again :)


  1. That is totally wonderful, BRAVO!!!

  2. Thank you, too, for putting everything together! This is really sweet :)

    I wish to have Jacob spayed! Please convince them :)

  3. Naku for sure the cats are grateful to have kind hearted cat lovers out there just like you! :)

  4. Thanks too guys :)

    @Jonna - Jacob is neutered na. The mother of the kittens hasn't been spayed yet. The family is worried though because last time they had their female cat spayed, namatay daw :( But we insisted that it's best to have her neutered pa din.

  5. I've found a cheaper cat food. Cheaper than Princess Cat. It's called Cat Meal - Beef flavor. It's being sold at Pet Passion Dog Shop located in Hobbies of Asia near MOA. They sell Cat Meal @ 80 pesos per Kilo and Princess Cat @ 90 pesos per Kilo.

    you can call them to inquire: 556-2877 / 0922-8233450



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