Friday, January 7, 2011

Balancing act

Woke up really early today and almost had a heart attack when I saw Kumo walking on the rail of our balcony!  I've never had this problem with Nugget before - for obvious reasons of course :D  Should I do something about it?  We are 7 floors up so I am really worried that he might slip or something :(
I know cats are natural acrobats but...
it's really scary seeing him playing here!
 Please be careful little white kitty!


  1. Oh my God my hands got clammy just by looking at the photo! Qish (when he was still alone) used to have free access to the balcony, then the same thing happened. It happened several nights in a row that I decided I don't want to risk it. I almost had a heart attack!

    I think we have the same balcony because mine has a railing like yours, too. According to an article I read, based on statistics in NY, they coined the term "high-rise syndrome" (you can google it) and found out that from a certain floor (can't remember if 5th or 7th), it's more likely that the cat will die compared to falling from a higher floor. They provided a scientific explanation (involving gravity, cat's ability to turn and relax their body, etc.) but Jesus, I'm not risking Qish & Rue's lives to prove their theory (we're on the 12th floor)! I keep the door to the balcony closed since that happened, and I only allow them in the balcony if they're supervised. I even put a leash on Rue because she gets crazy when she sees birds and even tried to chase them once! I don't want to die early from heart attack, so I just play safe :)

  2. Whoa! I would be worried too! careful on the rails!

  3. Be careful, cute kitty! Perfect timing for the shots. :)

  4. @jonna, thanks for the info :) I've asked everyone here to watch Kumo especially when he is outside. I always put him down once I see him near the rails. Sadly I can't keep the glass door closed since it will be too hot inside our place. Also the litter box is outside. Still looking for a better solution for this problem :(

  5. I live in a 2 floor rented apartment and when I disposed my air-con in bedroom upstairs, my cat made the thingamajig frame (where the air con was placed and supported) his shelter.

    Now he has a view of the entire compound and meows his lungs off at night.

    I do make a point of shooing him inside and not frightening him lest he falls.

    When I lock the bedroom, he scratches the door and meows incessantly so I give in every now and then and my cat perches happily on his post watching everything underneath.



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