Sunday, January 2, 2011

Things that make me happy

sleeping kitties
Sleeping cats
Funny Japanese chocolate
Yummy Japanese chocolate with
funny note inside
funny notes inside the box!  It says: "As I look at the moon, I become hairy" hahaha!
new year noms
Good home cooked noms
coconut flavored ferrero
Discovering new flavors.  Look at this coconut flavored Ferrero!  I live in a tropical country but somehow I always think that coconut flavored chocolate is exotic.
Nug hug
Warm Nug hugs :)


  1. "As I look at the moon, I become hairy" -LMAO!

    I still haven't tried that coconut chocolate, i will eat one as i type this comment. ;)

    Hmm.. wow, that's not bad. I think i like it. LOL.

    Oh ang nugnug! He looks like he lost weight. Did he? But he's still huge and cuddly. <3

  2. We can certainly understand why those things make you happy! :)

  3. First time I've seen that Ferrero Garden. Where can I find that? The only other Ferroro flavor I have tried is the dark chocolate. :9

  4. Happy new year sweetheart! :) Hope you have a blast this year!

  5. the simplest of things always make the heart happy.

    happy new year!

  6. Thank you all :)

    @Nickle - I have no idea why they put that text there. It's so funny!

    @Shabby - I think you can buy the Ferrero at the grocery. It's the set that comes in 3 flavors :D

  7. awww, nuggets hug is so adorable.

    and man i want to try out that coconut flavored ferrero

  8. ang laki-laki ni nugget!!!!!He must give good hugs.....awwww...

  9. oh i tried that coconut flavored ferrero! and funny quotes, out of this world, but funny haha :D



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