Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We want this kitten

My little sister pointed out this cute little baby while we were walking home this afternoon.
He hides under the foot bridge during the day.  Not sure where his mommy was when we took the photo but the street cleaner told us that he sleeps beside the other strays at night.
Look at that cute face!  We want to bring him home but I'm not so sure how it will work out.  Our place is very small plus we've already exceeded the allowed number of pets (supposedly just 1 per unit).  Our place is very cramped too.  Hopefully someone can give him a forever home.


  1. But you haven't! Nuggie's not a cat. He's a little Tiger. And Kumo is a kitten, also not a cat. Therefore, there's room for one more.

  2. so cute. so many times i've tried to take home a stray cat, but i keep telling myself it's not fair that i leave my pet alone the whole day and only come home at night. perhaps some other time.

  3. Such a cute baby! I hope he gets adopted. Living on the street is really tough for a cat, especially if it's on a busy one.

  4. Adorable. We hope he finds a forever home of his very own.



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