Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I finally got the wheat grass patch I promised Nugget months ago :) Just look at that precious face!
He was so excited that he tried to climb up the table. Super stretch!

Where are you, Nug?
I'm busy!
Here he is pretending not to be interested... but we know that he really loves it!
That night we were surprised to see him sleeping on the table (this is his first time ever!) I think he was looking for the wheatgrass and just decided to sleep out of frustration. Aww!


  1. @ryan - what about the cute orange cat on top of the table? LOL

  2. oh give Nugget a hug from me (if he'll allow it, of course). So big! And that's awfully nice of you to get him the wheatgrass :)

  3. hi,ganda naman po ng pinost nyong blog.... ang cute naman po nung cat nyo tnx for sharing

  4. Ah, so that's what it is. I always see it when I pass by the pet store on my way home ;-)

  5. @lauren - Nugget is very friendly :)

  6. ang taba talaga ni nugget! hehehe.. pero nakakatuwa at mukhang gustong-gusto nya yung wheat grass. makapayat kaya sa kanya yan? hehehe

  7. Hey there! Where did you get the wheatgrass? I've been wanting to grow my own, too, for the kitties :)

  8. Hi Jonna! Some pet stores sell wheatgrass seeds, but I got mine at Bizu. The whole patch is p120 :)

  9. Oh, wait, as in Bizu Patisserie in Greenbelt? I'll get them one this weekend! :)

    My other cat, Qish, is actually in the hospital right now for kidney flushing :(



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