Friday, July 23, 2010

Nuffnang and HEAVEN Ice Cream invite you to a special screening of ‘SALT’

  Let's watch Salt!
Divine ice cream pleasure is HEAVEN Ice Cream.
Give in to the richest, smoothest, and creamiest by NESTLÉ Ice Cream. Revel in the exquisite goodness of its four sophisticated flavors—Belgian Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry Dream, Vanilla Almond Secret and Butter Pecan Obsession. HEAVEN Ice Cream is made with only the finest ingredients and contains no artificial food colors. Available in 800mL(Php 175) & 450mL(Php 115) tubs across supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide.


  1. nothing beats ice cream and a movie.

  2. Wow! Ang galing ah! Nag-email ang Nuffnang ng 5:54pm today pero nakapag-post ka na 2 hours before!? Inside job ba ito?

  3. Anonymous
    The official post on the NN page was made at 3pm. Some people where lucky enough to see it before the email invites were sent out. Try to see the big picture before you make unfounded accusations.

  4. Thanks girls :)

    @anonymous - seriously?! for movie tickets? I was on the site this afternoon because I was checking my stats and just happened to see the promo. Geez.

  5. *LoL*
    Natawa naman ako sa post nya dito. Di nya napansin na 3pm pa nakapost yung announcement na yun.

    Bitter lang yan, sis. Ignore him/her. *LoL*

  6. kaaaate! sana magkita tayo dun. hihihi.

    anyway, may mga tao talaga na hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo. sa dinami-dami ng registered sa nuffnang, hindi naman pwedeng lahat sila manalo diba? i wrote an entry about it, yun ang nilagay ko sa link. i just hope i made sense coz i just woke up. LOL

  7. did you received an email as a winner na?its my first time to join a NN giveaway =D lucky i was the 62nd commenter haha

  8. I. Am. Sorry.

    Angelina Jolie + Delayed Contest Details = WAR!

    To those whom I wrongly accused of wickedness and to those who find it offensive (some found it cute, though), I. Am. Sorry. I guess I just went overboard being an Angie fan and got a little too O.A. Thanks for understanding!

  9. aww, it's okay :) apparently, I can't make it din pala sa screening so I hope your name was next in line for the tickets :)



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