Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dream Hotel, Bangkok

Among all the hotels we've stayed in, I think this is my favorite so far. I couldn't wait to get down the cab as soon as I saw the huge rotating cube in front of the building :)
The lobby was even more exciting! They had mini stupas and many cool relics. Check in was a breeze and everyone was so friendly.
Our room was a lot smaller than the one we stayed in at 72 Ekamai

but I didn't mind too much. I was too happy looking at the free postcards they left at the desk.
We were pleasantly surprised to see sweets by our bed when we got back to our room that evening :) They also replenished the apples!
The next day we had a nice leisurely breakfast
I enjoyed everything on my plate... especially the danish! I went back for a second piece.
Good thing the pink Jaguar didn't mind too much :D  I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel.  They have everything!  They even recommend tours and classes to take.  Next time I will ask if they have saxophone for beginners. Hehe.
more info on Dream hotel can be found at their website

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  1. I love the room and those sweets look interesting..what are those?

  2. @peach - it's like mini gelatin shaped like fruits. The next night they gave us mini rice cakes :)

  3. woweee where's this located? :)

  4. Naisu! The room reminds me of Marriott SpringHill Suites in the US. The breakfast buffet looks awesome. =)

  5. i love staying in hotels.. haha.. good ones la.. but only when traveling..

    nice hotel btw =)

  6. @fran - Bangkok, Thailand :)

    @suburbandude - naks, sosyal :D

    @ken - of course, only when traveling for me too. It would be too much of a luxury if I stayed in hotels here at home :)

  7. nice! your post actually made me look up their site. thanks for sharing :)

  8. oh wow!!

    Love the room! I wonder how much it cost though :) will check the website

  9. Oh wow! When i visit Bangkok again, I'm definitely going to book myself here! Thank u so much for the picssss! At least I'm now aware of a really good place to stay on my nxt visit! :D

  10. wow... nice hotel... but i wonder how much it cost...

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