Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hajime Robot Cafe

While organizing our Bangkok itinerary, I came across a site that mentioned a robot cafe. I knew we had to go here because robot waiters + Japanese buffet = win! Haha! I took down the address and planned a dinner trip. I assumed that the locals would know about this place, but I was sorely mistaken. On the night of our scheduled trip, the taxi driver and the 10+ people we asked were all baffled when we said Hajime Robot cafe and Monopoly Park. The address didn't help either because we found ourselves in the middle of an industrial neighborhood with factories and warehouses. We decided to call it a night after almost an hour of going in circles and an expensive taxi bill :( The next day I made sure that I had all the details right. And instead of dinner, I suggested that we go in the morning so we can see the roads and signs better. I even asked the receptionist at the hotel to call the restaurant for directions and also asked him to explain to the taxi driver. I was really glad that I took a photo of the map I saw online because after a few minutes the driver kept asking us questions. And then we were finally there! I recognized the neighborhood and realized that we were already in the area the other day but instead of making a turn we went straight and got lost!
Finally here! This is Monopoly park where the Hajime Robot Cafe is. The mall is relatively new and looks a bit deserted... but maybe because it was a weekday.
I was so excited when we got inside! As soon as you get to your seats the waitresses bring the condiments and explain the touch screen menu. You have have to choose between two sets: Business class and First class, respectively at 449 and 559 Baht per person. We decided to get the first class since the selection in business class was all meat (no seafood). Buffet price is inclusive of bottomless drinks too!
After placing your orders, the screen lets you know what time the robot will arrive! Yay!
And he's here!
We had Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki
The usual yummy rolled stuff
tempura and other items I ordered just to see the robot again! haha :)
It was such a fun and yummy lunch! I hope to bring my little sister here soon.
And we're done. Our meal cost us 1,316 Baht (about 1894 Pesos) with tax.

Here's a quick clip of the robot in action :)


  1. i saw the vid! robot nga! ang cool!

  2. Oh wow! That is totally awesome!!!

  3. That cafe is so cool! Must keep that in mind when we visit BKK.

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  5. Thanks guys :) It was one of the highlights of our trip! The robots are too cool! Hope to go back soon.

  6. wow! so did you tip mr. roboto? :P



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