Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's for lunch?

I recently purchased a bag of Felidae Platinum (p745) for Nugget at Bow&Wow in Shangri-la. Felidae Platinum is for senior and or overweight cats... and it's organic too! Nugget is not a senior cat yet but he is definitely overweight. I figured that it would be nice for him to try other diet food aside from Royal Canin's Obesity Management. Unfortunately, Nugget does not seem to enjoy his new food :( Or maybe it's working because he is not so interested in eating? Awww. I think we'll have to switch back to Royal Canin again.
"Wow, yummy food! Is this for me?" No, Nugget those goodies are going to your catpals in Merville (uncle's cats)"Oh." "I wonder when I can eat these again?""I guess it's diet food for me again, huh?"


  1. Yeah, poor Nug. He is still adjusting to the organic food but hopefully he'll learn to like it because its good for him :) Btw, i tried mixing the food and noticed that he picks out the Royal Canin from the bowl kaya naiiwan yung isa. Aww.

  2. ang cute naman ni nugget. my dog is also overweight, thanks to your post, i had an idea to look for a good diet food for her.

    btw, i linked you up, hope you dont mind and hope you can link me up as well.

    thanks! :)

    bluerlyn of

  3. haha, you read his mind! they say there's a telepathic bond of some sort between pets and their owners. :P



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