Friday, January 29, 2010

Time for an orange break!

2010 has been very busy for me especially with work! Lately I have been working 14 hour shifts. Yes, 14 hours! The good thing is that I work from home and I don't have to worry too much on how I look (because weeks of staying up has transformed me into a zombie!) and I am close to Nugget just in case I need a furry hug :) Aside from Nugget and watching videos about one thing that gives me an instant boost is coffee! I absolutely love how it tastes but unfortunately if I drink more than a cup I experience palpitations and my hands get jittery - which is NOT good when you draw for a living. Good thing I've switched Minute Maid! A glass is perfect for that much needed energy boost and it does not make me feel all jumpy! Plus the vitamin C is great for helping me stay healthy for those sleepless nights :) Yay for Minute Maid Pulpy Orange and Mango! It's definitely the perfect way to Refresh :)

So much work to do!!!Sometimes I just want to scream! But of course I am always thankful for having work to do :)When I am tired I take a refreshing orange break! An "orange break" is having a glass of Minute Maid and taking time out to hug my Nugget! I've always loved orange juice especially the ones with pulp in it :) When it's hot, frozen Minute Maid is a really good way to chill :)


  1. hi sis, are you working as a VA? if so, what site ba maganda kumuha ng va jobs? thanks.

    erlyn of

  2. Hi Amgine :) I'm currently a graphic artist/illustrator. When you say VA, do you mean Visual Artist? There are a lot of cool sites for freelance work such as odesk, getafreelancer and guru. Thanks for dropping by my site :)

  3. or it could be Virtual Assistant? kate, where's your IMAC? I miss seeing your messy room! *_*

  4. Hi Dorie :) My iMac is in my room, collecting dust. haha. i like working in the living room ever since I got back. weird, noh?

  5. Congrats! You won :)



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