Friday, January 15, 2010

Farewell, Timothy the cat :(

Almost a month ago, a friend of mine alerted me on a very disturbing animal cruelty case. News quote below:

"In a sociopathic act of animal cruelty, an orange tabby was glued to a Minnesota interstate highway and abandoned. Fortunately, a compassionate couple saw the forlorn cat at the side of the road, and thought he had been hit by a car. They stopped to investigate, and picked up the cat. Unfortunately, in so doing, the glue ripped off the cat’s paw pads and pulled out some of his claws." more about this here.

I really cannot imagine how somebody can think of doing this! If you don't like cats/animals why can't you just leave them alone? Why is there a need to harm them? :( Luckily, Timothy was rescued and was given proper medical attention that night. I really thought that he would recover and eventually get adopted into a loving home but I guess the trauma was too much for him to take. He eventually died a few days after :( Here is an update on the case. I really hope that they catch the person responsible for this.

photo taken from The Cat's Meow



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