Saturday, January 2, 2010

Furry New Year

I spent about 15 minutes grooming Nugget with the brush glove this morning. I don't have problems with this activity because Nugget loves it! No struggling, meowing and scratching involved - just purring, rubbing, kneading and more purring :) Nugget is a heavy "shedder" so we try to minimize the amount of cat hair that he leaves behind by brushing him daily.
After about 5 minutes the glove looks like this! Look at all that orange fur!
When I was finished I had a huge clump of orange fur. I am thankful that I do not have asthma! Nugget then rewards me by rubbing his mouth (and saliva) all over my right foot. Haha!


  1. Wow thats a lot of fur. ANg cute ni nuggets :)

  2. China Cat & I are wishing you a Very Happy New Year! That glove looks like it really works well for fur removal!

    Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

  3. Happy New Year Kate!

    I'm sure Nuggets very happy...

  4. Nugget is sooo cute and so cuddly! I like to have cats inside the home if only my parents wouldn't object.

    Having a cat would be such a good thing for my kid - for her to learn responsibility.

    Happy New Year Kate!

  5. Happy New Year guys :)

    @jeanny - yes, he's really cute - and he knows it :P

    @Willow - thanks for dropping by :) The glove is really cool, I think we've gone through 3 already. haha

    @peach - he is :D

    @gem - they say that having pets is good for kids nga. Hope your parents will allow you guys to adopt a cat soon :)

  6. Where did you buy that glove? I'd love to buy a couple for my cats :)

  7. hi Sara :)

    Thanks for dropping by! bought the glove at Ace hardware for less than 100 bucks :)



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