Tuesday, June 24, 2008

on a high!

i cried last night... not because i was sad but because i got a very positive e-mail from my online employer. this is what he wrote:

* * *
Hi Katrina,

Wow - I have to tell you, you are an excellent graphic designer. I am very impressed with your work and hope that you can produce many more cards that look as good as these. Once again I am VERY HAPPY with your work - you will go far in your field and I am lucky to have you working on my team. The cards that you have made are exactly what I'm looking for, you've done an excellent job!
* * *
i have been questioning my decision about leaving the security of my office these past few days but after getting this message in the mail-- i felt reassured that i did the right thing :) i woke up this morning feeling giddy and excited! but i don't do that often (kasi baka mapagkamalan ako na baliw or something!)

anyway, when i went online i saw more good news! i won in a contest and i did not even know that there was a contest to begin with! all i did was send a few photos to anton (one of my fave blogs) just to say thank you for the free genki umbrella a few weeks back and there... i won something! hahaha. what a great way to start the day :) btw, more umbrella pics here.


  1. your employer is totally right ;)

    congrats on winning the contest!

  2. I'm proud of you Kate!Keep it up!:)

  3. congrats:)



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