Wednesday, June 25, 2008

burger king toys rule.

i chanced upon the secret robotzz collection at burger king today! wow!!! for P99 i got a cute yellow tin bot plus a meal. actually, i bought the kiddie meal for the robot ONLY! i almost forgot to take the food too! good thing the waitress called my attention before i left the counter.
the collection comes in 6 designs, but i only got one because the other designs are NOT robots! now i wonder why the toys are called secret robotzz... maybe its because of the shape. hmm.
the bot comes with a cute box too! i love it :)


  1. i was supposed to get this, buti pinaalala mo! thanks!

  2. get the yellow one! di cute yung iba eh. hehe.

  3. Hi there! Nainggit ako sa yo, seriously and I got the same toy myself ^__^ I wanted the airplane and the gorilla one as well! LOL

    The toy izzz posted here>>



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