Tuesday, June 17, 2008

jabon, talco y aciete para niños

found my dad's baby kit when i was cleaning my room this afternoon. the kit contains a can of unused talcum powder, a bar of soap and a bottle of aciete de manzinilla. the packaging is amazing! somehow i can't believe that everything is still intact after about 60 years or so.

the powder is contained in a cute rectangular can which has to be punctured manually on the top to be opened. the soap was spared from insect attacks and is still wrapped in wax paper. pretty cool, huh? :) (click on the photos for a bigger view of the items.)


  1. Grabe treasure yan!!!

  2. great treasure! just looking for other treasures and you can start your museum :)

  3. is a great find!

    but the talcum powder says BORATADO- parang ang bastos! nyahahaha!



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