Friday, June 20, 2008

need to get things organized ASAP.

my room is a good indicator of who i am as a person... messy and unorganized but interesting (or at least i hope i am!) i rarely throw stuff away and bring home so many unnecessary items such a fliers, free magazines, cute paper bags, soda cans etc. which just adds to the clutter on the floor. almost 65% of the floor is covered by these items. i have a fairly huge cabinet for my clothes but have turned my bed into a one as well. my newly washed clothes are stacked by my feet when i sleep. actually, piled up would be a better term instead of stacked! this is why i go around in wrinkled shirts. the closet for my shoes has remained organized though but this is because i hardly open it! out of the 15-20 pairs of shoes inside, i have been using only 1 pair and they are not even stored inside! i have a collection of stickers which i have kept in plastic for almost 17 years, about 5 rolls (each roll contains 10 pcs) of Christmas wrappers that i hoarded from a hallmark sale and a HUGE roll of thin garter that i bought for a bargain price of 5 pesos (ang mura kasi)! i tried cleaning my room the other day but somehow got distracted by finding my dad's baby kit! after that i sort of "forgot" to go back to cleaning... right. anyway, i have given myself a week to finish the task. hopefully, i can discard some old items and try a clutter free/minimalist kind of lifestyle. haha. i wish.


  1. Kate, I've been wanting to have that thing hanging in my room. Where did u get it? :-)

    P.S. Finally, I knew my way around this site. I added u to my bloglist na rin. :-)

  2. which one? the pic? hahaha! it's an artwork that i made when i was in college. i made a collection of odd objects and placed them in a grid box. i made the grid box myself but i think you can source it out to a carpenter :)

  3. I'm not a super organized person, pero sobrang hilig ko sa Home Organization things. Ang dami ko tuloy nabibili sa Ikea every time!



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