Thursday, June 12, 2008


almost everyday for the past 18 months (except for saturdays, sundays and holidays) my morning activities have been the same.

1. get up at 8-ish (most of the time i scream to jolt myself out of bed. usually its "Noooo...." or "ayaaaw ko...")
2. spend 5 mins to greet and hug my cat
3. take a bath, get dressed
4. talk to my cat again and say goodbye
5. take a 5-7 minute walk from home to the office bldg.
6. if i didn't bring breakfast i will stop by at either mc do, 7-11, mini stop or county style and buy something to eat. i always buy coffee (extra creamer too)
7. rush to the elevator to get to the office.the elevators at our building are almost always jam packed. everybody is trying to squeeze in. especially in the morning when people like me are rushing so that we won't be late for work. har. somehow it is like going to the mrt station (CUBAO). and in a way the people act the same too! yesterday a woman got mad at some guy for pressing too close to her.

woman: excuse me, bakit mo dinidikit yung pwet mo sa akin!!!
guy: ay, sorry po.

i had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing out loud.

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