Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

I remember watching the movie Real Genius when I was a kid.  My siblings and I went crazy at the end when all that popcorn burst out of the house!  We kept thinking of how fun it must be to roll around and play in that popcorn mountain :D Here is a video clip just in case you've forgotten that awesome scene.

Pop pop pop!
Just look at all that popcorn!  Wow :D  If I were to star in a movie I'd like to be a part of something fun like just Real Genius.  Not quite sure what I want it to be about but I'd like it to involve cute cats, balloons, wall TV mounts (just kidding) and lots of popcorn.  Preferably yummy Kettle Korn popcorn!  And while watching that movie snacking on Kettle Korn (salty and sweet please) is a must!  Haha, isn't that funny?  Watching a movie with popcorn while eating popcorn :D 
Stay happy folks!  And don't forget to grab your Kettle Korn popcorn :)

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