Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Craft Camp Weekend

I can't believe over a week has passed since the most awesome weekend ever - the Craft Camp!  It was a long countdown for all of us since we signed up months in advance.  I remember waking up really early when registration started (it was posted at 6am!) just to be sure that I get a slot.  I haven't done anything crafty in a long time since most of my work is computer based!  I also felt that I needed to go out and meet new people since I spend most of my time at cooped up at home. :D  
We left the city at around 5 am and arrived a little past 9.  I was surprised at how lovely the place was!  It was definitely conducive to a weekend of crafting - save for the wonderful background sound of people singing Skyline Pigeon and Laklak on the karaoke :D  Anyway, here are some of the highlights of the event.
Very true!
Washi tape buffet :D

We made paint palette cases out of baked sculpey clay
and watercolor using gum arabic, honey and natural dyes
 That's my flying cat on the Gocco machine :D
Making tea!  Lots of herbs and leaves to choose from.
Wire rings.  I'm the one with the green nails :D
photo of me with my tribe, handmade journal I decorated with washi tape and wire ring
Pompoms!  Overall it was an awesome event.  It was fun to craft by the beach and also meet several like minded people :)
I miss you, Zambales!  Hope to see you soon :)

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