Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things that make me happy

Thoughts of "bearding" my cats.  You might be wondering what I talking about...  and what exactly is bearding?  Haha!  Just take a look at the hilarious photo below.  
It's a cat beard :D  Although I am not 100% sure if my boys will agree to this.
Weekend run at one of my favorite places, UP!
and cat watch
Last time we saw this very sleepy kitty!  Not a care in the world.
Do not disturb :)
I tried to lure this orange kitty with snacks but...
I guess she just wanted to hang out with this family :)
Seeing the finish line!  I have been helping my aunt with the layout of the book they are making.  This is how my table has looked for the past week.  So many photos and memories to sort.  Btw, that is my breakfast smoothie in the corner.  So yummy! :D
Yes!  Almost done.  We go to the press next week :)
Craft camp loot!  More on the camp in my next post :)
And lastly, new and very reasonably priced shoes from
Happy Thursday folks :)

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