Sunday, April 28, 2013

Clean House

It's true when mothers say that housework never ends.  To be honest, I never fully appreciated how much time and energy have to be dedicated towards it until now.  Thankfully our home is very small... a lot easier to clean and keep orderly compared to a big house but there is surprisingly still a LOT of work to do.
Sweeping and mopping the floors.  Our floor is white is very prone to stains!  Ugh.  I also try to keep the plants alive :D  
Sprouting mung beans for lunch.
Solving a strawberry massacre
rescuing a trapped bottle of bagoong.  It's finally free after a month in the ice age :D

Rounding up all the left overs in the fridge and making a casserole out of everything.  There is vegetable curry, tuna spread and parts of a salad in there!  Hopefully after the house chores I can clean my work area and format hard drive of my computer :D  

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