Friday, April 5, 2013

Join the Running Revolution with Adidas Energy Boost

My quest for a healthier lifestyle started with a pair of running shoes.  A friend invited me to join her run at the track oval in Ultra.   I initially used a pair of old sneakers that really hurt my feet and kept me slow.  After a week of using those sneakers, I finally decided that it was time to get a more suitable pair.  At that time I had no idea how those shoes would help change how I felt about running and keeping active.
After several trips to various shoe stores, I decided to get the Adidas Boost.  It fit me perfectly and I loved that it had pink accents and a pink heel!  But I loved it more when I started using it at the oval.   Running felt so much better (and was actually fun!) now that my feet felt cushioned and more stable.
These shoes are so comfortable that I made sure that I wore them on trips where I knew a lot of walking was involved.
Here we are exploring the ruins in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Going up the rolling hills in Batanes was no problem too!
 And of course at the gym where I run on the treadmill 4 times a week.  It's quite amazing to think that I can still rely on these shoes that have been with me for almost 3 years now.  Of course I do take proper care of them too :)
 My cat loves it when I air them out. Haha
My more active lifestyle has also inspired me to make better food choices.  We eat a lot more veggies now and try healthier options like using coconut flour for pancakes. 
Keeping your body healthy with good nutritious food definitely goes hand in hand with exercise. 
This year, Adidas has a new and improved Boost shoe!  Here are some of the amazing things it can do:
  • Boost your cushioning

The foundation of the ENERGY BOOST™ innovation is centred on proprietary cushioning
material, BOOST™, that allows the runner to feel a continuous energy return. The
revolutionary technology allows small energy capsules in the soles to store and unleash
energy more efficiently with every stride.
  • Boost your conditions

Holding its performance in almost any condition the exclusive BOOST™ material has been
proven to be three times more temperature-resistant than standard EVA material, thus
providing a more consistent and comfortable run.
“As a revolutionary material, BOOST™ combines the usually conflicting performance
benefits of soft and comfortable with firm and responsive cushioning. It almost makes the
shoe come to life, and you will feel it from the first moment you put it on. It sets a new
standard, not only for running shoes, but for the entire industry, and all products going
forward,” said Bernd Wahler, Head of Innovation for adidas.
  • Boost your comfort

The adidas ENERGY BOOST™ innovation goes beyond the revolutionary midsole
technology. The upper on the ENERGY BOOST™ features adidas Techfit technology, which
provides optimal comfort and support to the entire foot while in motion.
Additional features include a special mid-foot support frame, an extended TORSION® system
to minimise roll for more stability, adiwear outsole to reduce wear in key soles areas and an
external heel counter to maximise the heel fit and comfort. The adidas ENERGY BOOST™ is miCoach compatible.

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