Thursday, July 28, 2011


This week has been really tough on meow.  Lots of deadlines, demanding clients...
i see you!
During these times I wish I could just hide.  The weather is perfect for being lazy too!  It would be really nice to just veg out infront of the TV with a bag of chips, dip and a warm purring cat (or 2 cats!)
When I have a few minutes to spare I look at cute cat pics :D  Btw, this black cutie is named Kirby and he is my step dad's cat.  Isn't he the fluffiest?  I love you, Kirby!  Shh, don't tell my boys I said that :D


  1. Those are cute pictures! Hey, have some nip, it gets the energy flowing!

  2. hi kirby :)

    i love the first photo.



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