Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Cats at St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's church located on St. Paul's hill in Malacca, Malaysia was built in 1521.  I forgot to count the steps going up, but I know it didn't take us long to reach the top.  A statue of St. Francis Xavier (I originally thought it was of St. Paul!) sits in front of the church ruins.
Malacca, Malaysia
Going up was quite exciting for me because there were so many cute cats around!
someone was hiding from the sun
hello there, little white cat!
I was still taking photos of the cats when the queen arrived.  I'm calling her "the queen" because all of the kitties got up and started to follow her :D
cat lady
  I think she had food in those bags...
cat lady
time for noms?  I wish someday I can have that effect on cats too :D


  1. Very lovely old church indeed, I love those ancient buildings. Oh, and those little beauties! Yes, she definitely must have ad some food to deliver there.

  2. Yes! Saint Paul is quite beautiful. I'll post interior photos on my next entry :)

  3. Cat lady saved the day! The kitties would have followed you too had you carried around a bag of noms :)

  4. Beautiful place and beautiful kitty residents!

  5. The cats look excited upon seeing that woman with a bag of goodies.

  6. Great pictures and a wonderful description, too! We bet there were some seriously good noms in those bags. :)



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