Friday, July 8, 2011

Beautiful Batanes

I have always dreamt of going to Batanes.  My dad had a lot of photos from his trips there in the early 80's and I have been curious ever since.  So when Erman asked me where I wanted to go after our wedding the only place I had in mind was Batanes :)
Hello Basco!
Batanes is the northernmost province in the Philippines.  Airfare is quite pricey (I even stalked the Seair website for weeks hoping for a seat sale) but it's definitely worth it.  I kept looking out the window during the 1.45 hour plane ride.  I was so excited when we could finally see the islands!
32 seater plane
Seair's 32 seater Dormier plane lands in Basco airport in Batan Island, Batanes.
Basco airport
waiting area
I think this is the cutest airport I've seen so far...
Fundacion Pacita
and the most beautiful hotel I've ever stayed in! 
nice floor
Our room was perfect!  We had to transfer to another room on our 3rd day though because someone had already reserved our room in advance.  This happened because I booked our trip late!  Haha.  But it was just okay because our second room was just as lovely.
room 2
I love that all their rooms have nice big windows
Human Heart products!
Human Heart toiletries
Amazing view of the island!  I can stay here forever :)


  1. Bitin ako, more! More! :)

    My brother and his wife also went to Batanes for their honeymoon. I hope makapunta rin kami diyan, it looks really lovely.

  2. That is so very pretty and that hotel is stunning!

  3. I'm also dreaming of going to Batanes!

  4. Gorgeous! And that hotel looks amazing! Enjoy! :)

  5. wow, the batanes dream! im so ingget!

  6. One of my dream destinations! And mahal nga huhu. Love the photos, did you see any Batanes kittykets?



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