Saturday, October 30, 2010

Philippine Pavilion at the World Expo

We got up early on our second day in Shanghai because we were heading out to the World Expo site.  This year's expo is said to be the biggest in history with 242 countries participating!  Every country would have a pavilion to showcase their culture and history.
going inside
As we were going inside we saw a lot of people rushing to get in.  I even thought to myself: "Hmm, this isn't so bad!"  because I was expecting to see a LOT more people.
So we took time out to take photos of the entrance... or what we thought was the entrance! 
But of course we were wrong, because when we went to the inner part we were shocked to see this

Why, hello China! haha!  Apparently, 732,800 people (based on their daily counter) wanted to see the Expo that day.  Surprisingly, the queue was not that bad since we were able to get inside in maybe an hour.  We got there at around 8:30 am and finally got in a little past 9:30 which was just right since the Pavilions open at 9:00.
Philippine Pavillion at the expo
Our first stop of course was the Philippine Pavilion!
Philippines, Performing Cities
The Department of Tourism branded our country as "Philippines, Performing Cities" which i think was very apt :)  On our flight to China, a rock band was on board the plane with us!
Inside the pavilion there were a lot of instruments on display.  There was also a corner for traditional "hilot" massage.
A lot of folks were having their photo taken beside the Kulintang
Philippine cafe
There was a small cafe that served Filipino food such as Sinigang, Adobo, Turon and even Lumpiang Shanghai :)
souvenir shopping
Highlight for some visitors was the tiangge for souvenir shopping!
Yay! Stamped :)
Highlight for me was having my Expo passport stamped :)


  1. So galing naman the boxing glove! Haha.

    And don't you think the Expo mascot looks like Gumby? Or a fluoride toothpaste mascot? :)

  2. haha! yes! but ours looks like a blood drop :P I have a photo on my flickr. hehe

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. Will check your Flickr, too. :)

  4. @kayni - i heard we won best Pavilion in the 2008 world expo! i'm not so sure if we will again this year after seeing so many bigger and better looking pavilions...

    @wits - thanks for dropping by :) I'll upload more expo photos in the next few days

  5. Ganda, Kat! Looks like a great exhibit!



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