Sunday, October 3, 2010

Inside Paseo de Escolta

The Paseo de Escolta in Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar was patterned after Manila's commercial district in the early 1900s. This colorful building has 17 fully functioning hotel rooms.
Paseo de Escolta
Inside the room is a mix of new and old - antique style furniture, capiz windows along with modern facilities like an electric kettle for coffee, aircon (of course) and a huge TV (yay!)
receiving area
The bed is very comfortable and looks especially cozy with the curtains
Intricate wooden door leading to the bathroom
door to the bathroom
Nothing really exciting about the bathroom. Free toiletries include small packets of shampoo, cotton buds, a toothbrush and a tiny bar of soap.
The view from the veranda is amazing!
view from the room
We can't wait to go back here :)

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  1. It sure is pretty and I see all kind of comfy snoozy spots!

  2. interesting. this is somewhere north, right? do they have a pool?

  3. @chyng - yes in Bataan :) They have a really nice pool in the resort



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