Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Curry Day

Do you like curry?
chicken katsu curry meal
When I lived in Singapore, I considered Japanese curry as my comfort food.  I really don't know why but i was something I craved for whenever I was homesick or super stressed.  I kept a box of S&B curry in the cupboard along with my Century Tuna and Lucky Me stash :)
S&B curry mix and panko
Now that I'm back home I realized that I haven't had Japanese curry in a long time so I got a box of S&B in the grocery and started cooking :) 
Sunday is curry day
We had chicken katsu (deep fried chicken fillet coated with panko and egg) and assorted veggies cooked in curry sauce.  It was a yummy and simple meal... not to mention cheap too!  I think I spent a total of p500 ($11.43) for this dish that served 6 people :)


  1. chicken katsu is one of my favorite meal. i feast on it every time i go home to hawaii.

    you're right about japanese curry, it's not as strong as the indian curry. looks like you had a great meal there.

  2. I have seen that box a lot of times but it never crossed my mind to try it. Now I think I will have to...

  3. @kayni - yup, we had a good meal :)

    @peach - try it! But just take note of the numbers on the side that indicate the spiciness. Ykaie might not be fond of spicy food kasi.

  4. I TOTALLY LOVE CURRRRRRRRRRRY! Whenever I go to Japanese Restaurants, I always order curries! hahaha! I was given the same brand of curry cubes as well!
    Those look yummyyyyyy!!! That made me hungry! :'( hehehe!

  5. Yummy...and curry is a very healthy spice !

  6. You're totally making me hungry! :) I LOVE chicken katsu and Japanese curry over some steaming hot gohan. Best. meal. ever!



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