Friday, August 27, 2010

It starts here

It was a long drive but when we got down from the car we knew that we finally found the venue for our wedding. Erman reset the odometer at my house to see how far we had to travel to get there.
80.7 km!
Wow! Approximately 80.7 kilometers from Ortigas. I really hope that our guests wouldn't mind the distance that much :)
wooden door
The house has a beautiful wooden door
golden pumpkins
and a lovely varnished table with golden pumpkins as a centerpiece.
cool vintage stuff
I particularly liked this collection of vintage items.
I remember that we had 2 of these trunks in our old home before.
The garden is huge and there are a lot of areas for people to explore. The place is wonderful but it would have been perfect if they had a cat! Haha! I was really hoping to see a cat that day.
Beautiful chairs on a blue floor! I'm really looking forward to our party next year :)


  1. the place is adorable. i love the feeling that the photos gave me - very homey and calming. it must be exciting to be planning a wedding. all the best.

  2. thanks Kayni :) we still have a long way to go with the planning. Hopefully things go smoothly.

  3. where is this quaint little place? or is that a secret for now?

  4. Aaaw, I love the's perfect!

  5. @ff - it's not a secret but I'll reveal on my next post :D I'm sure a lot of folks here know the location though since a lot of tv shows have been filmed here

    peach - thanks :)

  6. It's lovely, Kate! I can't wait to see more of your future wedding posts. Inggit ako sa location ninyo, this looks like a place where you can really plan what your wedding will be like. Plus, it looks cozy and intimate---perfect for your planned small wedding.

    Congrats again, and holler if you need any help :D

  7. I like the vintage feel. Enjoy the wedding preps!

  8. Interesting!! :) Can't wait for your next post!

  9. Wow! What an atmosphere... I looooove that place! Especially the old trunks - I want them :-)

  10. Wow! Saan yun?


  11. The place looks perfect, Kate. :) It gives off such a quaint, homey atmosphere. I'm sure your guests won't mind driving all the to such a beautiful venue..

  12. that place is so beautiful great find for your wedding. i cant wait to see the place more on your wedding day :)

  13. Ang layo pero maganda! Hope everything is ok with you!



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