Sunday, August 1, 2010

Here we go!

I had my first test makeup (for my wedding) today.  To be honest, I am not really fond of make up.  I am really more of a natural look kind of girl.  But of course I am admitting that I need it on the big day... Unless I want to end up looking like a haggard banshee/owl that is.
 Tools of the trade
 So much make up!  Teresa, the make up artist (who is also the woman behind Ellana Mineral Makeup) did a great job.  I ended up looking natural and not "cakey" at all.  No before and after photos though.  I have no plans of scaring you guys with images of my Fez. :D
We attended my high school friend's wedding in Magallanes Church right after.  Haha, I made sure that the make up test didn't go to waste by scheduling it on the same day as the event :)
It was such a lovely wedding!  Very simple, elegant and heartfelt. 
The celebration continued at the Peninsula where we had a very yummy 5 course dinner!
and the best dessert ever!  Congratulations Miko and Mishi!  I wish you the best :)


  1. It does look like the best dessert!

  2. What no before and after photo? :)
    I bet you looked gorgeous!

  3. nice. maganda yang Ellana ah, naging pasahero ng mom ko yung may-ari before at binigyan sya ng mga sample. sana you took photos of yourself para makita namin yung kinalabasan. :D



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