Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gael is 7!

My godchild celebrated his 7th birthday last Saturday. Wow, 7 years! I can still remember the time when we were all waiting at the hospital for his birth.
gael is 7
The little boys couldn't keep their hands off the cake because of all the toys on it :)
cake up close
A yummy Buzz cake and some cupcakes!
cake and cupcakes
cute loot bags for the kids
loot bags
My friend made these cute handmade soaps with toy soldiers inside!
soldiers inside
The kids had a fun and exciting Mr. Potato head making contest!  They were all busy putting on little eyes and noses on their potatoes.
potato head contest
The crowd voted for their favorite faces and this potato won!
winning potato head
Happy birthday, Gael!  I hope that you received a lot of cool gifts this year!  Lots of legos, robots, books and maybe a guitar so you can play in your dad's band!
cake blowing
You are loved, my dearest Gael!  Happy Birthday :)


  1. happy birthday to your godson! those two cakes looked amazing...and those cupcakes and goodies!!! :)

  2. I love that cake. I want one! :-)


  3. toys and cake in one package! what a treat!

  4. The cake, cupcakes, goodies and everything is so nice. Very lucky relative.



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