Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dirty Nugget!

Nugget (like all cats) loves to sunbathe. When the sun is out, he spends a couple of hours a day sunning himself on our balcony. I think it's kind of cute that his fur gets really warm after. I wonder if cats get sunburned underneath the fur...
Lately though I've noticed that he looks darker than usual. His under part is grayish and his paws are black at times! We couldn't figure out why at first but then we discovered that he has been overturning a few plant pots.
Aside from damaging pots here he is hugging the trash bag...
and rolling on the dirt!
But it's so hard to get mad at him. I mean, look at that cute face :)
I really need to bathe him one of these days!


  1. new banner! yay!

    the price that nugget pays for playing outside on a sunny day!

    i don't care if it's a trash bag--that's what he'll say! :)



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