Friday, April 2, 2010

Kuala Lumpur day 1

We spent almost 3 hours waiting for my brother while he queued for his F1 tickets. The line was really long and to make things worse the computer at the office broke down. Good job Windows!
While waiting I watched these ladies make Pratas at the food stall outside.
I ordered a chicken and cheese prata for myself. Yum!
On our way to the hotel we spotted Mr. Silver. Btw, can you see the Petronas Towers in the background? :)
I also saw this sign. Yes, I will be careful of the "snatch thief"
We were hungry so we went to Isetan to have dinner at the food court
My little sister got an oyster omelet. Look at all these egg shells! I wonder what they do with all of these after...
I had a yummy plate of Thai Nasi Goreng (tom yum flavored) rice for 7.25 Ringgit (only P100!). I shared some of this with my mom since the serving was huge!
While walking home we saw these guys performing. They sounded really good so we put some money in their hat.
The store in front of the hotel had these crazy dolls on display. When I went inside to inspect I saw that they had cute tiger-cat dolls!
I got 4 of them. Yay :P



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