Thursday, March 25, 2010

29 on my 29th

I just turned 29 and instead of the usual birthday celebrations that I have each year, I decided that it would be really cool if I could visit Beth's 31 cats in Bulacan. I originally wanted to do a feeding session at Paws but I thought that Beth needed more help at this point.

Before heading to Bulacan, my friend (and fellow cat fan) Grace and I dropped by S&R to buy 2 20 pound bags of cat food. We also had 3 bags of Friskies that were donated by Grace's friend, Socs. Yay :)
This is Beth's House
I was expecting to see a lot of cats upfront but we were told that they kept the cats inside for safety reasons. They also covered the windows with tarp and scrap cardboard because sometimes the neighbors would throw stones or shoot the cats with pellet guns!I was speechless when the door opened and I saw ALL the cats cooped inside their small home! Once inside the cats started sniffing and rubbing up against our legs. Originally there were 31 cats in this house but thankfully 2 kittens were adopted by Beth's family leaving 29 cats at home. Yes, 29 cats on my 29th birthday :) What a coincidence!After a few minutes I think they sensed that they were going to be fed because they all headed to the corner near the kitchen.Yay! Finally eating :) They were all quite hungry because this was their first meal for the day.Cute inkblot faced cat
The kitties finished 2 2.5kg bags of food! That means that the 2 sacks that we brought would only last for about 2 weeks :(I wish we could have brought more food!
cute cat looking out the window Beth was actually not home that day but we were welcomed by her partner, Micque. Here she is holding one of the cats that they rescued. She asked me how many cats I had at home... I was a bit embarrassed to say that I just had one. and after eating the cats went back to the thing that they do best... Sleeping!I think this one wanted to go home with me :(

We are planning to set up a cat food collection program for them. Please drop me a note if you are interested in helping out :)


  1. Happy birthday! I love what you did for your special day. I should do the same :D

  2. Happy Birthday, Kate..Those cats are very lucky they have you..

  3. I admire your kind and generous heart.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. First, Happy birthday dear blogger! 29 is a step closer to the BIG 3-0!

    2nd, I think the cat lady is a hoarder. I dunno if she is the standard crazy cat lady, she doesn't look old or senile.

    You however have ur heart in the right place. I just think your friend needs help, not just her cats! she is putting her own health at risk.

  5. oh bless your heart! ♥♥♥ and happy birthday! do you have any idea how many feline lives you made better? 261!!! (29 x 9) wow!

    i adore the ink-splashed cat!!!

  6. That was a great way to spend your birthday! Belated happy birthday.

    Btw, I chanced upon by your blog via Kat's plurk.

  7. That was a great way to spend your birthday! Belated happy birthday.

    Btw, I chanced upon by your blog via Kat's plurk.

  8. Belated greetings! Btw, I liked your new blog header.

    Happy Easter!

  9. OMG! I've never seen so many cats before! We visited PAWS after Ondoy and they didn't have a problem with money, they needed help in caring with the pats though. I so want to go here too and help! I'm a cat lover as well, we have 5. Haha.



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