Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back to regular programming

Just got back from the vet and I'm happy to say that Nugget is fine :) His left eye was a bit swollen and teary yesterday but I couldn't bring him right away since I had so much work to do... Yup, need to earn money to pay for the vet! I also figured that it wasn't that urgent since he was still eating and grooming himself.
Time for eye drops!
The weird thing was that his eye was perfectly fine when we got to the vet! It's like I just imagined that it was swollen. So odd!Weight check
And after almost 3 months of Diet food (Royal Canin and Felidae)... Nugget weighs THE SAME! Still 22 pounds but for some reason he looks thinner and more toned. Or is that just my imagination again? :)Maybe he should have tried getting on the exercise bike instead of just sleeping beside it :DNugget must be thinking: "What! No weight loss after 3 months on cardboard tasting food?"
So instead of the special diet food, I decided to get the normal variant. We're trying Royal Canin's Hair and Skin which promises a visible coat change in 21 days. 2 kg bag at p660 at Animal House.Let's just see if it works :)

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