Monday, May 19, 2014


My family and I spent the whole afternoon fawning over the cats at the All Breed Cat show last week.  The Cat Whisperer, Mieshelle Nagelschneider was there too but we did not get to listen to her talk since we had another event lined up that day... But it was totally fine because we really just wanted to see the cats :D
Here are some of the photos that i took.  Most cats looked grumpy!  I guess it is because so many people were observing them :D
Some kitties found refuge in their litter box... but most were sleeping
and the ones who were awake looked grumpy
and even grumpier :D
I also saw a hairless kitty!  I think this is my first time to see one up close.  She's so cute and fat 
There were a few sociable kitties too like this gray cutie
This super fluffy ragdoll and his owner
too cute!
This blue gray kitty behaved while the judge was holding him
and this one even played with a feather :D  Meow!  Hoping to attend another cat event soon.


  1. Wow, those cats are huge. I mean, compared to Dizzy. Did you bring Nugget to this one?

  2. Such variety! How neat that you got to see so many kitties!



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