Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kit Kat break movement

I have been very forgetful lately.  Not sure if it is age related (eeps!) or maybe I am just thinking of too many things!  When we go to the grocery I need to have a list of the things that we need so that I'm sure that I do not miss it.  One time I forgot to buy cat food... and of course my cat was not pleased when I got back!
What?! No cat food?
When things are getting out of hand it is nice to take a quick break...  get a nice cup of coffee or something nice and sweet like a Kit Kat bar!  There is nothing better than a Kit Kat break :D
If I can choose what skill I would like to unlock with that Kit Kat break I would definitely pick "never forget any detail".  This skill would really come in handy not only when I am at the grocery or doing random things like everyday errands... but also for bigger things like planning trips and coordinating family events.  
 The original chocolate flavor is still my fave but I also like the green tea variant :D
Have a break, have a Kit Kat!  Happy Tuesday, folks :D

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