Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's cards that did not make the cut

Found these funny photos hidden in my files while I was going through my hard drive.  Not sure how long I've kept these... Must have been over 5 years?  I can't even remember where I got these and who drew them but LOL.  Soooo funny.  Especially after my last post where I talked about how much thought and care goes into each Hallmark card :D  Of course these are meant to be gag cards and not something to be taken seriously.  But of course if I had a reliable business card printer I'd be printing all of these out. Haha.  Happy Valentine's day folks!

"Even cupid forgot about you"
"Looks like love is in the air"
"For everyone... except you.  Better luck next year..."
"Someone...  Somewhere...  Thinks you're special"
"Too bad the other 6,592,700,559 people think you're a tool"
Nugget does not approve!  LOL :P


  1. Bwahahaha! Wait, is it wrong that I thought those were totally funny? :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends!

  2. I say Happy Global Warming Day, then XD

    By the way, just nominated you for a Liebster (c/o both of my blogs)!



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