Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello, Baguio!

I always look forward to our yearly trip to Baguio.  Erman's dad is a PMA alum so we always tag along for the homecoming weekend.
Our favorite way to start the day!
I just realized that this is my 6th PMA weekend!  And every year Erman and I spend our Saturday morning at our favorite place, Cafe by the Ruins.  I also love their organic market!  I was able to buy a few punnets of cherry tomatoes and strawberries.   Yay!  No cape gooseberry this time though.
brewed coffee and a cute shaped sweetener
Happy and festive!
Really excited to check out Ketchup: The food community later.   The food community is just across Wright Park. Maybe I'll rent a horse and go riding? Happy weekend folks! :)


  1. we're hungry!! Have fun!!

  2. I miss Baguio. It has been years since my last visit. I've never been to Cafe by the Ruins. It's on my must-visit places next time I go to Baguio.



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