Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's too hot

Everyone is complaining about the heat lately.  I guess it's difficult to ignore especially when the temperature has been hitting the mid 30s range almost everyday.  Yesterday the recorded temp was 36.2 degrees Celsius!  Eek!  I'm so sure that if I crack an egg on the sidewalk it will get cooked in just a few minutes :D
Kumo has a funny way of keeping cool.  He keeps most of his body covered with only his head and paws exposed to the sun :D
Nugget on the other hand just likes to stay close to the floor.  I just love how my golden Nugget sleeps!  He's lost a few pounds but I'm pretty sure he is as heavy as 5 or maybe 10 gold bars :D  Whee!  Happy Wednesday folks!  Stay cool :)


  1. I hope some cool finds you soon!

  2. In over a month, it'll be summer here too. I'm scared na rin of the heat.

  3. Yikes! That's some serious hot weather. Stay cool, dear friends!

  4. It's hard to stay cool when it's so hot...but it looks like you two are doing your best!

  5. Be careful not to get Kuma's ears sun-burned! Apparently cats can get a sun burn, and cats with white/pink ears are more prone than dark-colored ears. And hell yeah, it's too hot! :((

    1. Sun burned? oh no :( Thanks for the heads up



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