Sunday, April 15, 2012


I found this book I made several years ago while clearing my cabinet.
I'm not really sure why I made it.  I guess it's one of those random meow things :)
It's really tiny - measuring at 1 x 1.5 inches.  Can you guess what I put inside?
Circles!  Yes, that is why the book's title is "Circles" :D  I remember that this was the time when I was very happy with my newly acquired circle puncher.
a basketball
A circle with circles inside!  It's 13 pages of assorted circles.  Yes I know the whole thing is a bit silly :D  But finding this book made my day!  I am now recalling all the funny things I used to make. 
Maybe I should make another one but this time with squares! :D  Happy Sunday, folks!


  1. Ang cute! You're so creative... I wish I had that talent... :)

  2. Oh my!:D Circle Puncher!!:D I've been looking for one for a looooong time! I've been tracing and cutting circles using templates for the heads of my Shiori Ningyo.

    May I ask where did you get/buy it? Thank you very much!:)

    1. Hi Marsy! I bought it at a craft store in Galleria almost 7 years ago :( Not sure but I think that craft store is gone. Maybe you can check scrapbooking stores? :)

    2. Awwwwww..:( I haven't been to Rob Galleria for a long time.:( I do hope the craft store at the basement is stil open. I've been scouring Saizen branches and NB for circle punchers big enough for my dolls' heads.

      Thank you so much for the reply!:D



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