Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It was Pawsome!

Remember the rescue story contest I posted before?  Well, we were one of the winners!  Yay :D  We won 2 boxes of Fancy Feast and an invite to the most Pawsome event ever!
It's Qish's 5th Birfday Pawty!
there were balloons!
Qish's momma, Jonna threw the most amazing party ever last Sunday, April 1.  It was definitely a wonderful way to start the month. 
We were welcomed by Qish's sister, Rue.  Jamila and I almost died from cuteness overload!  Rue is such a sweetheart and has the softest orange fur.  That got me thinking about Nugget's fur and I  wondered why the texture is so different from other kitties.  It's always been on the stiff side even after a bath - like a wild animal's. LOL.  
The birthday boy was a bit shy that day :)
This is Hamish, the cutest party guest :D
There were lots of treats for the kitties (all made by wholepetkitchen)
and human treats too :D
Our message to the birthday boy
It was a nice gathering of cat folks.  I really wish my cats are more behaved so I can take them to these events.  I also need a carrier with wheels for Nug :P
Happy Birthday, Qish!  May you have many more wonderful memories with Rue and Momma Jonna!
Thank you too for our prize and the goodies <3


  1. Halaaaaa.... So cuuuuute! Parang gusto ko rin magpa-party sa birthday ni Arya... Kaso I don't have nearby cat-lover friends eh... Malayo pa naman, pwede ko pang paghandaan... o pag-isipan... Hehehe

  2. I need to teleport to Davao for Aria's party :D

    1. Weeeh! I mentioned it to Arya and she just looked at me with "that look". Haha. Maybe what she was trying to say was "Are you kidding? Who's gonna come to my birthday party? I don't have lots of friends... just suitors!"

    2. Haha! Btw, I do hope that you have Arya spayed... although 4k is a bit pricey. wala nang ibang vet?

  3. Congrats! Nice cat party. The orange cat looks cute. :)

  4. Wow, what a fun party! Happy Birthday, Qish!

  5. Yay, thanks Kate! I hope you and Jamila enjoyed the pawty. I wish I spent more time exchanging cat stories wif you :)

    I laughed at the "carrier with wheels" for Nugget. What's his weight (I hope he doesn't mind me asking haha!)

    Nice meeting you, Kate! Hope to see you again in the next cat event, wherever that is :)

    1. Jonna - It was the cutest <3

      Nuggie weighs between 20-23 pounds. He's like a human baby :D



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