Saturday, February 14, 2009

bicol express experiment

I have never tried Bicol express since the dish has pork in it but since I am a big fan of gata, green sili and bagoong I decided to make my own version using chicken. I checked online and found a very simple recipe but instead of adding just 2 teaspoons of bagoong, I ended up putting a whole lot more!

As for the green siling labuyo since I could not find the usual kind that we have back home (the charteruese colored) I just opted to use the local sili that they had in the grocery. I picked out a few curled ones for pictorial purposes :) the one in the middle looks like a snail!the final product looks more like binagoongan than bicol express :)

1 comment:

  1. hi, kate! i see you're still featuring alien veggies! hehe.

    and of course, you can link to my blog! i'd love to link to yours, too! (been meaning to ask you)

    thank you!



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