Friday, July 19, 2013

Smart shopping with

Do you like comparing products and prices before making a purchase?  I do!  I make sure that I have all the information before buying.  I compare at least 3 brands, check the product's specifications and its price at different stores.  I also like reading customer reviews.   A bit obsessive?  Maybe, but this way I not only end up with what I need but also also get the best deals :)
I think I found the perfect spot for our future toaster oven :D
It is great that checking for products is a lot easier now that everything is online. This came in handy for us when we started furnishing our new home.  No more need to physically visit each store just to check rates.  All the information we needed was just a click away!  Unfortunately, not all stores have websites :(  We also noticed that most sites are not regularly updated.  

Thankfully there is a new site that solves all these problems. features comprehensive product pricing and promos from many different stores.  The site is also updated daily!  Isn't that wonderful?  This way it will be hard to miss a good deal.
 The website also has a map that makes it easy for you to check if there is a store near you!
And as it turns out, I found out that there a lot of folks like me who like to research online before buying :D  I still do some online shopping but nothing beats going to the store and physically inspecting the product before buying it.
Right now we are still deciding if we are going to buy a toaster for our kitchen.  Coincidentally I found an oven toaster deal!  Abenson is offering free toasters to folks who spend P25,000 using their Citibank card.  Awesome deal but sadly not for us since we don't plan to purchase anything else aside from the toaster  :D  However it is great that listed the other appliance stores along with the promos that they are currently offering! 
Aside from the appliance store promos I was pleasantly surprised to see many others that I wasn't originally aware of.  Because of I found out that McDonald's is offering 2 awesome deals right now - the drive thru sticker and the free cheeseburger coupon!
 Of course I availed of them both :D

I also chanced upon the rainy day deals in Mercury drug and Watson's!  I'll be heading out to these stores soon to stock up on the essentials just in case we may be needing them.  You guys should check these out especially now that a lot of people are getting sick because of the weather.
Practically everything is on!  If you are a fan of deals and promos like me you should definitely add this site to your bookmarks :)  Happy shopping folks!

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