Sunday, January 20, 2013


I've been missing my cats a lot.  There is a stupid "no pets" policy here in our new place so the boys are in my mom's flat.  Luckily I just live 5 minutes away so I still get to visit them pretty often...  But I really miss having them around 24/7.  I miss Nug hugs at night and seeing Kumo go crazy - which happens a lot :P
I miss this cute Nuggie
When I go home I try to take a lot of photos so I can post them on my instagram (follow me, Meowbykate :D).  I love going through the album when I think of them.  Also glad that my mom and little sister keep me updated with Nug and Kumo pics on their accounts :D 
Nug hugs!
I miss this tubby kitty!  Nice to hug especially now that it's so cold at night.
 Kumo giving Nug a back massage
 times when Nug wants me to accompany him when he is eating
Mine! All mine!
Cute Kumo face
 We have a difficult time photographing Kumo though since he's always moving so fast!
Forced to hug :P
My husband hugging a sad looking Kumo :D  Don't worry, he put Kumo back down after a few seconds
 My plastic cats in our new home :,(  Hope they were real!  Now to get 22 drawer slides to hold all my cat memorabilia :D


  1. I like those fake kitties! Hihi

  2. Aw, it's too bad you can't have your kitties with you all the time.

  3. Aw, we're so sorry that Kumo and Nugget have to stay with your mom. Glad she's close by, though.



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